The San Marino Federal School of Tennis, directed by Corrado Barazzutti, aims to teach the game of tennis to children of all ages, gradually accompanying them, from the first steps to the agony, through a well-defined training and didactic course that will take into account the level of entry of young players and the fundamental importance of the fun of sports practice. Barazzutti will employ a staff of professionals who will follow the boys throughout their activities, delivering the basic lessons for the correct learning of tennis practice. A staff member will also be an athletic trainer dedicated to motor activities complementary to sports activities and appropriate to the level of play.

The 2017-2018 season of the Federal School Tennis will start on 4 September 2017 and will end on June 30, 2018. The courses will be divided into age groups and levels: Mini-Tennis (4-6 years), Federal School (starting from 7 years), Agonistica, Special Agonistica.


These tennis courses are aimed at all enthusiasts, at amateur level, that want to practice this wonderful discipline to improve their technique, practice their skills or just do some sport and keep in shape.

The lessons, held by National Masters, last an hour and are made up of groups of 3-4 students (with master) per court. The run from Monday to Thursday from 6pm to 7 pm; the cost of participation is 110.00 Euro and includes 10 lessons.
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